About Us


Company History

New Dimension Electronics was founded by Michael Myhre. 

Michael started working with his father, Ken Myhre, who ran a part-time TV Antenna Service, aptly named Ken's Antenna Service, in the late 70s. Mike opened his first store front, as New Dimension Electronics in 1984 in Austin, MN.

New Dimension started with the big 8' to 10' C-Band satellite dishes, TV antennas, TV sales & service and has grown since to sell and offer a wide range of products and services.

Today we offer Dish Network, Ku Satellite Systems, TV Antenna Systems with TIVO DVRs, High Speed Internet, HDTVs, Audio/Video products, Home Theater Design and installation and much more. We serve both residential & commercial clients.

Contact us today to see just how we can meet your needs.

800-752-3053 or memyhre@newdimensionelectronics.net


Our Team

Michael Myhre - President/CEO

Vicki Bera - Office Administrative Assistant

Dennis Jensen - Lead Technician

Kevin Jochumsen - Technician, Sales & A/V Specialist

Mike Kuiper - Technician & Internet Specialist

Jeremy Hughes - Website Administrator & Graphic Designer