Antenna Mounted on House

HDTV Digital Antenna System Rochester/Austin/Albert Lea/Mason City Area

Check out the smaller, more slimline design of today’s antenna* 

Lease or Purchase a complete amplified antenna system 

Purchase a system for $399 + tax Installed 


Lease to own system for $50 down & just $8/mo 

Lease Billing: $24 every 3 months --or--$48 every 6 months --or-- Annually - $96) 

You own the antenna system after 60 months!!! 

*Type of antenna used is based on location of property, geographical terrain and equipment necessary to get optimal performance

TiVo Bolt OTA

Click below for a printable page showing our Antenna pricing and the new TiVo Bolt OTA DVR information.


From time to time as frequencies change, viewers may need to rescan their TVs and/or OTA boxes/digital converters. Click on the button below for information on how to rescan.